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This authentic frybread mix is the same mix we prepare for the Cahaba Cafe restaurant located within the unceded territory of Skhawáʔkye. Most of Cahaba Cafes customers prefer theirs made into the massive Big Bear burger which is often rumored as being the best burger in eastern NC! There are of course a number of other menu items prepared with frybread by Cahabas indigenous chefs. Sweet bread made with local honey and fresh strawberries and confectioners' sugar is a quick but tasty dessert whenever your sweet tooth aches.  Fresh, hot bear breads which are similar to meat pies or empanadas are very fulfilling to those who eat it, especially in the colder months of winter. And of course, we couldn’t prepare frybread without also serving it as the classic Native Taco like those often found at a Pow-wow. Regardless as to how you prepare it, this mix will taste great with various vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes.  
Frybreads origins are most often linked to the Navajo people from over 144 years ago. It became a food for survival and resilience when the United States forced thousands of indigenous people to march on a 300-mile trail to live in present day Arizona. To prevent the people from starving, the US issued the people a number of commodities that they then combined to make a bread similar to other breads made traditionally with corn.  144 years later and it has become a symbol of pride, unity, and indigenous pop-culture.  


This tasty treat should be enjoyed in moderation. It is most easily compared to a funnel cake; however, it is usually much thicker, fluffier, and full of air pockets packed with delicious crispiness. 

Preperation is simple, just add milk & eggs and mix into a hot pan. Instructions included on back.

Cahaba Cafe Frybread Mix

    • 16 Oz  / 460g / 1lb
    • Just Add Milk & Eggs
    • Resealable, Moisture, Pest Resistant Package. 
    • Easy to Mix
    • Prepared and Ship Directly From Skhawáʔkye. 
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