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For thousands of years, corn has been a staple crop for Indigenous people from all across Turtle Island. For the people along the east coast, the most common way of drying and storing corn is to attach each ear's husks into a long and beautifully crafted braid. These artisticly woven braids were hung from the rafters of the longhouse, the main living unit for the clan. As the braids dried among the rafters, rising smoke from the fires and dances below would enhance the flavor and reduce any potential insect damage. Throughout the winter and spring, braids were taken down and prepared in numerious dishes or for planting. 


At Lost Colony Trading Post, one of our resident artists, Ronnie Francisco has recreated these iconic braids in miniature.  These gorgeous miniature braids can be used as wall hangings, hung from the rear view mirror of your vehicle, or used as decorative ornaments and jewelry. Each ear is pain stakingly beaded using size 6 glass seed beads, then  braided together.  The total length of these pieces are approx. 6 inches long, with creme buck skin as the husks. Each ear is 2 inches long. These are one of a kind items, so variations occur with each one.

Miniature Corn Braid

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